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  • Rote Reading Harmony


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    • This course will help you develop the ability to perform a harmony part as you listen to each phrase played.  You must listen for the target part then sing the phrase you heard.  The notation is plotted as you sing correct pitches.  Then you will start at the beginning and sing the phrase again by reading pitch notation.  Your speed in matching the target pitches and your attention to rhythm will be measured and points will be earned when you sing each target pitch and rhythm within the allotted time limits.

    • The pitch pointer will help you learn how it feels to sing correct pitches as they relate to other harmony parts.  You will hear the other parts as you sing a selected harmony part.  You may choose from songs and exercises in 2-part, 3-part or 4-part harmony.  With repetition, you will develop musical skill (muscle memory and tonal memory) as you perform from music notation.