Topic outline

  • Sightreading Rhythm


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    • This course will help you learn to sightread pitch and rhythm notation.  You must sing each note on pitch and in rhythm as you keep the tempo and sing along as MusAPPTM plays the song.  You must sing correct pitches and note durations in tempo.

    • There are videos included to teach you about rhythm notation and how to count rhythm.

    • You will learn to sightread rhythmic patterns related to Simple Duple, Simple Quadruple, Simple Triple, Compound Duple, Compound Quadruple, Compound Triple, Complex, and Syncopated songs and exercises.

    • You will learn to sing on pitch and in rhythm, on tempo.  You will learn to keep up while the song or exercise plays. Your pitch and rhythm accuracy will be judged and you will earn points for each correctly sung note.