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  • Solfege Movable Do


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    • This course will help you learn to associate pitch with Movable DO Solfege syllables, DO RA ME FA SOL LA TI DO.  You will be able to sing pitches accurately and independently using Movable DO Solfege syllables.   

    • There are videos included to teach you how to name notes with Solfege.  This knowledge will be useful when you need to sing scales and chords and sightread songs. 

    • There are 3 modes to assist in progressive learning:

      • "Easy" - plot the note Solfege syllable above the notation before you sing. 

      • "Intermediate" - plot the note Solfege syllable above the notation after you match each note. 

      • "Advanced" - plot the note Solfege syllable under the staff and require that you sing the pitches by their Solfege syllable, then plot the note.  You will not see the notation until after you sing the note as indicated, for example, sing up to SOL, sing down to ME, etc. 

    • Your pitch accuracy will be measured and you will receive points when you are correct.   A red note means you took too long to match the pitch.