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  • Interval Names


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    • This course will help you learn to associate pitch with interval names, for example, Major 2nd, or Perfect 5th, etc..  You will be able to sing pitches accurately and independently by interval names.
    • The first note in an interval is plotted on the staff with the key signature and played for you. Listen to the first pitch. Read the instruction below the staff. Think the interval spelling and sing each pitch up or down from the first note as indicated by the interval name.  For example, "sing up a Major 3rd" or "down a perfect 5th."  
    • There are two modes to choose from:
      • In the Melodic Intervals mode, you will hear the first note and must sing up or down to the next note according to the interval name printed in text below the staff.
      • In the Harmonic Intervals mode you will hear both notes played as a chord. You must sing the first target pitch that is plotted, then sing up or down to the second note according to the interval as named in text below the staff.
    • In both modes, your pitch accuracy and attack time is judged.  If you take too long to sing the correct pitch, you will lose a point.  You must accumulate enough points to pass the exercise, or you have to sing it again. A RED note means you took too long to match the pitch and you missed one point.