Topic outline

  • Scale Names


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    • This course will help you learn to sing scales and modes. You will learn how scales are constructed using tetrachords and how they relate to melody and harmony.  You will learn to sing scales and modes by name in different keys.

    • There are videos included that will teach you how scales are built and spelled.  You will also learn about the circle of fifths and the differences between major and minor scales and church modes.

    • The objective is to identify scales and modes and to hear the interval differences that define scales and modes then be able to sing them.

    • The key signature is plotted on the staff, the first note in the scale is played and the name of the scale is plotted below the staff. You must read the name, for example, melodic minor, then think the spelling and sing each note in the scale.

    • You will learn how to spell and sing the scale accurately matching each pitch to earn points. A red note means that you took too long to match the pitch.