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  • Triad Names


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    • This course will help you learn to spell and play triads and their inversions, in different keys, by name. The objective is be able to spell triads by name and sing the correct pitches in the triad.

    • You will see the key signature and bass note of the triad. Read the name of the triad that is plotted below the staff, then think its spelling. Imagine each pitch located on the staff, then sing each pitch.

    • There are videos included to teach you about triads and their inversions. After watching the videos, you can test your knowledge by performing the exercises.

    • There are three learning modes:

      • Mode one will play the triad before you sing it. Listen carefully and remember the pitches that are played then sing them from memory. As you sing the correct pitches, the notes will be plotted for you, and you will hear the next triad played.

      • Mode two will play the triad after you sing and match all of the notes in the triad. The triad will be played for you after you sing the notes in the triad. This will help you build your tonal memory as it relates to triad names.

      • Mode three is a Capella. You will read the name of the triad, think the spelling and pitches then sing each note in the triad. This will help you visualize the triad on the staff and sing the notes in the triad or it's inversion from memory.

    • As you sing each correct note, you will earn points. A red note means you took too long to match a pitch.