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  • Microphone Setup

    to SETUP your microphone for use in MusAPP.

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    • STEP-1:   BROWSER UPDATE -- MusAPPTM  works best in Chrome, Edge, Opera, OR Safari browsers.  Please update your browser of choice to the latest version.  You must grant permission to your browser to use the Microphone.  In Windows 10 CLICK HERE and follow the instructions to change your privacy settings, then reopen your browser.  For more specific instructions about setting up your microphone, CLICK HERE.

    • STEP-2:  CALIBRATE YOUR MICROPHONE -- Use the MusAPPTM  setup function to calibrate your microphone to work with MusAPPTM.  You can run this function each time you open a song if you want but you need to calibrate your microphone each time you change to a different device or microphone.  If this is your first time to use MusAPPTM  on this computer or device, you must grant permission to use your microphone in MusAPPTM.  There will be a popup displayed by your browser on the top or bottom of the page where you can click YES or OK 

    • STEP-3:   MusAPPTM will run on most devices including Android smart phones & tablets, Chrome Books, laptop & desktop computers that use a modern browser (except iPhone, iPad and tablets with slow processors).  It works best on a larger display screen with a faster processor.  Use earphones or a chat headset to isolate the audio output from the microphone.