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  • Note Reading Melodies


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    • This course will help you develop the ability to read pitch notation. You will see the key signature, time signature, and notation used in a song or exercise.

    • You will hear the first note and MusAPPTM will wait for you to sing what you see. Your performance will be judged based on pitch and rhythm accuracy. As you sing, the pitch pointer will immediately show you when you are on pitch, or singing above or below the pitch. If you miss a note, MusAPPTM  will pause and wait for you to sing on pitch, then go to the next target note. You can't go to the next note until you correctly sing the current target note. The note will turn to red indicating you took too long to match the pitch or sing the correct note duration.

    • There are videos included to teach you about melody and how melodies are constructed. This will help you learn to read melodies.

    • Your speed in matching the target pitches in rhythm will be measured and points will be earned when you sing each target pitch within the allotted time limits. The pitch pointer will help you learn how it feels to sing correct pitches. With repetition, you will develop musical skills (muscle memory and tonal memory) as you read and perform pitch and rhythm.