Individual Members (not in a group)

Individual Members

Child Violin

child trumpet

Individual Membership (not a group member)
  • Option-1:   If you are not a member of an existing group, you may enroll in the
    • ShowMeClubhouse for individuals
    • This clubhouse gives you access to aditional MusAPPtm  communication tools including chat, forums, and an online virtual classroom.  Periodic conferences will be scheduled and announced in the calendar to help you get the most out of your MusAPPtm experience.  

  • Option-2:   You may join a group with a MusAPPtm Teacher OR ask your teacher to request a clubhouse and become a MusAPPtm Teacher.
    • Teachers who are accepting new members in their clubhouse are listed in the Teacher DIRECTORY.
    • This requires a $4.99 annual subscription fee to join the private group clubhouse plus an optional fee that is charged by the teacher.  Lesson Fees and payment instructions will be stated in the teacher's ad in the directory.

  • Option-3:  There are 21 vocal and 18 instrumental apps that do not require you to join a clubhouse.
    • Membership in a clubhouse gives you access to additional resources.
    • The following links will let you enroll in one or more apps of your choice via PayPal.

    • Band and Orchestra Activities
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