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Group Membership (Church, Studio or School)

Group Student Enrollment:

Step-1:   Ask your teacher for the name of your clubhouse.  Use the "Clubhouse Directory" to locate your group clubhouse.

Step-2:   Click the clubhouse name to open the PayPal link.  The annual subscription fee is $4.99 payable using PayPal and your credit card when you enroll.

Teacher Instructions:

Step-1:   Poll your group to be sure you will have a minimum 
 of 10 students who want to join your MusAPPtm Clubhouse.

Step 2:  Edit your profile and scroll to the bottom of the page to reserve your unique clubhouse name.

Step 3: To request a private group clubhouse, CLICK HERE, and complete the request form.  It will be emailed to our staff for approval.

Step 4:  If you want to accept new members in your clubhouse and offer your teaching service for a fee, register as a MusAPP Teacher.  CLICK HERE to register and advertise your clubhouse, qualifications and experience.  On approval, new members can view your ad and may choose to join your group.

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