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Group Membership (Church, Studio or School)

Group Student Enrollment:

Step-1:   Ask your teacher for the link to your clubhouse.  It will be something like this:

Step-2:   Enter the enrollment link in your browser URL field.  The annual subscription fee is $4.99 payable using PayPal and your credit card when you enroll.

Teacher Instructions:

Step-1:   Poll your group to be sure you will have a minimum 
 of 10 students who want to join your MusAPP Clubhouse.

Step 2:  Click on your name in the top right corner to edit your profile and reserve your unique clubhouse name.  Click the EDIT PROFILE link, then scroll to the bottom to reserve your clubhouse name.

Step 3: To request a private group clubhouse, CLICK HERE, and complete the request form.  It will be emailed to our staff for approval.

Step 4:  If you want to accept new members in your clubhouse and offer your teaching service for a fee, register as a MusAPP Teacher.  CLICK HERE to register and advertise your clubhouse, qualifications and experience.  On approval, new members can view your ad and may choose to join your group.

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