Do you want to learn how to sing,
play an instrument, or play the piano?

MusAPPTM can help you learn performance skills by using Audio-Visual Biofeedback.
You will also learn the fundamentals of music theory including
ear-training, sight singing, harmony, and rhythm?
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No "Non-Singer" Left Behind!

MusAPPTM is a comprehensive, multisensory approach to teaching music. With use of computer graphics, we add a real time visual dynamic to music instruction that gives students a visual frame of reference to help develop performance skills. Music unlocks the imagination. Students will learn to use their imagination by developing the skill of pitch/rhythm imaging. With audio-visual biofeedback, the notation becomes a memory hook that triggers the body to sing or play on pitch, in tune, and in rhythm by developing muscle memory (skills). When you include the tactile experience of singing or playing an instrument, keeping rhythm, and the cognitive exercises built into the MusAPP experience, you have a comprehensive, multisensory approach to learning music.

The MusAPPTM Course Management System uses state of the art multimedia technology to deliver instructional content to elementary through advanced music students. The courses are designed to present music concepts in a step by step approach that encourages success. Students never fail! They are just required to repeat each lesson, question, or note until they get it right, so they can progress to the next lesson, question, or note.

The MusAPPTM Performance Module provides real time audio and visual biofeedback of a students musical performance from microphone or Midi Keyboard input. It uses a visual pointer on music notation to show the student's pitch and rhythm. Because students can instantly "see" the pitch they are singing or playing in relation to a target note, they quickly develop muscle control. By "showing" real time performance activity, students learn to adjust their muscles to sing or play on pitch, in tune, and in rhythm from music notation. Difficulty levels are gradually increased as the student gains confidence and knowledge.

The best way to learn about MusAPPTM is to download the
desktop application, then visit the Demonstration Classroom:

MusAPP Demonstration Course

Features include: Matching Pitch, Tonal Memory, Rote Reading, Note Reading, Reading Rhythm, Rote Rhythm, Sight Singing, Note Names, Scale Numbers, Solfege (Do, Re, Mi), Interval Names, Triads, 7th Chords, Scale Names, Music Dictation, Intonation Trainer, and Midi Keyboard Tutor. Designed to teach voice, singing, choral part reading, band instruments, eartraining and sightsinging, and piano.

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